Internship in Architecture Program

The Internship in Architecture Program (IAP) has been established by CALA to continue to maintain a program of architectural registration/licensing in Canada that is both meaningful and effective. The IAP is intended as a catalyst for improving the profession, by increasing effective communication between architects and prospective members of their profession. To become registered/licensed in Canada, a person must demonstrate competency and qualifications to provide architectural services to the public.

An Intern Architect has graduated with a professional degree/diploma in architecture and is continuing on the path to becoming an architect. They have completed the first component (education) of education/experience/ examinations requirements.

Interns must remain in the IAP while experience is being gained and recorded and while examinations are being written to derive the maximum benefit from the program.

Each jurisdiction has its own application process and documents. Prospective interns are encouraged to contact their CALA jurisdiction for specific application details and the IAP Manual.

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