Canadian Reciprocity Agreement

The following is a summary of the requirements as set out in the Reciprocity Agreement signed by the Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities as amended and effective November 14, 2015.


The Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities agree to license as an Architect, in their respective province or territory, any Architect holding such a licence in another province or territory, who meets the other conditions contained in this Agreement.

To qualify under this Agreement, the Architect must be in good standing in a Canadian province or territory. 


To obtain a licence as an Architect in another jurisdiction in Canada under the terms of this Agreement, the Architect must:

  1. a) complete and submit to the Licensing Authority a written request in accordance with the form contained in Appendix 1;
  2. b) have sufficient knowledge of the laws governing the profession of architecture in the province/territory in which the application is being made, and comply with these laws; and
  3. c) pay the required fees.

A Canadian Architectural Licensing Authority will prescribe application, registration and other fees for a properly authorized extra-jurisdictional firm, practice and individual commensurate with the fees for practices, firms and individuals primarily located within its jurisdiction. (This does not apply to firms, practices and individuals seeking temporary or limited licences.)

To apply for licensure/registration in another Canadian jurisdiction, contact that jurisdiction for the applicable forms and fees.

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