Canada/Australia/New Zealand Mutual Recognition Agreement

Canada is a participant in the APEC Architect Project that assists with the facilitation of registration arrangements for members in good standing in their jurisdiction. Within participating economies, senior architects apply to be recognized as APEC Architects in their ‘home economies, as per the attached form. This entitles them to apply for fast-track registration in other ‘host’ economies with which their home economy has entered into reciprocal APEC Architect arrangements, e.g. mutual recognition agreements (MRA).

Application for Designation as a Canadian APEC Architect

To become a Canadian APEC Architect, an applicant must:

• Be registered in one of the provinces or territories of Canada, and
• Have at least seven years of professional experience as a registered/licensed architect in specified categories of practice.

APEC Architect Requirements for Period of Professional Experience as an Architect

Applicants must have completed a minimum period of professional practice of seven years after initial registration as an architect in any one of the Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities (CALA). Experience must be gained in all of the following categories of architectural practice:

• Preliminary studies and preparation of brief;
• Design;
• Contract Documentation;
• Administration.

At least three years of the seven-­‐year period must have been undertaken as an architect:

• With sole professional responsibility for the design, documentation and contract administration of buildings of moderate complexity; OR
• In collaboration with other architects, as an architect in charge of and professionally responsible for a significant aspect of the design, documentation and/or contract administration of complex buildings.

Professional practice undertaken in an economy other than Canada MAY be acceptable.

The names of referees are required who can confirm the information provided. Referees may be professional associates, clients or others in a position to verify the statements submitted.

Continued Enrollment

APEC Architect status may be renewed annually on payment of an administration fee of $100.00 and evidence of continuing professional development. APEC Architects are bound by the codes of professional conduct and disciplinary provisions of both home and host economies.

APEC Architects admitted to the Canadian section of the APEC Architect Register must immediately advise the Canadian Monitoring Committee of any changes to the information recorded on the attached application form.

APEC Architect status will be cancelled if an architect ceases to be registered with at least one of the CALA jurisdictions.

Register of Canadian APEC Architects (2018)

Application Forms

Application for Assessment – APEC Architects from Australia and New Zealand

Application for Assessment and Designation for Architects Registered/Licensed in Canada

Assessment Interview for APEC Architects from Australia and New-Zealand